Z Man Direct, Inc. uses premium embroidery machines and the best digitizing available to create the highest quality personalized apparel for you. A multitude of thread colors are available at no additional cost, and we can help you with your design. Company logos and/or names, employee or team names, and much more can be beautifully embroidered on your garments, hats, seat covers, towels, jackets, bags, blankets, and other fabric items.

All designs to be embroidered must first be “digitized”. This is a process in which a specific program is written that tells the embroidery machine where to put each stitch, how long the stitch is, which color to use for the stitch, in which direction it is oriented, etc. Sometimes our customers’ designs are already digitized and they simply provide us with the computer file. If a customer’s design has not already been digitized, we will digitize it for a flat $45 fee. Once the design has been digitized, the same file can be used for all subsequent jobs involving that exact same design.

Machine embroidery is a very professional and attractive way to personalize an item.